Mt. Suswa is a hidden gem outside of Nairobi, so much so that it’s hard to find locals who know about it – the reason why we were super excited to hike the lava caves on Sunday morning.

We totally talked it up to our driver during the hour-long road trip.

Have you ever been to Suswa?


Have you hiked lava caves?

Oh, yes.

Are you going to hike with us today?

Yes, yes, yes.  Suswa, Suswa, Suswa – we mush have thrown the name out there at least 15 times.

Which is why we were a little confused when he drove us to the enterance of Mt. Longonot.

This is where you hike Mt. Suswa?

Of course.

Are you sure – Suswa?


Not Mt. Longonot – Mt. Suswa.  It’s a different mountain.  Are we at Mt. Suswa?

<A look of bewilderment>

Do you know how to get to Mt. Suswa?

Let me call my friend…

And that was the end of that.  I’m still not sure how he registered Mt. Longonot when we were talking about Suswa for an hour on the ride over (in hindsight, I really shouldn’t be that surprised either), but we opted to hike the mountain in front of us rather than take our chances on our directionally challenge friend knowing where it was that we actually wanted to go.

While I wasn’t particularly prepared mentally for a 5 hour rock scramble around the crater, it wasn’t a total loss – Longonot was definitely on my checklist of things to do in Kenya!

A few pics from the adventure….

Crater rim - peak at 9,111 feet is in the clouds!

Don't throw garbage. Unfortunately, I think the translation was lost on previous hikers...

Lake Naivasha

Treking around the six mile crater rim.