On Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit the Outreach Community Centre in the Mathare slum.  Outreach runs three primary schools, on secondary school and a children’s home for vulnerable children.  It is estimated that nearly 500,000 people live in Mathare Valley.

Most hilarious moment of the day was when a little boy, no more than three years, ran up to me, stared at my white leg and slowly reached out to touch it – just to make sure it was real skin.  I can understand his skepticism.

Here are a few photos from the visit!

Over 400 students attend this primary school in Mathare.  Every class we visited was ready to present us with flowers.  Invisible flowers, that is!  Kids turning air into roses in this picture!

Secondary students preparing their songs for Vice President Biden’s visit to the school the following day, as part of his tour of Kenya prior to the World Cup.

Class six students at a the primary school in the heart of Mathare.  So many songs ready for visitors on command!

Magdalene, who runs Outreach with her husband, with her husband tell me while looking out over the homes of Mathare residents, that even if her work is only a drop in the ocean, she knows how important and precious those drops are – they are her students.

Bags of maize from the World Food Programe.  Outreach feeds over 1,200 children meals every day.

Outreach Children’s Home.  This is the dorm for girls, which I was told was constructed with funding from the US government.

A second dorm for girls was constructed with a grant from the Italian government – clearly an upgrade.  Our tour became a little bit awkward when the Home mother found out I was American…

Sweet children, sweet faces!