Five weeks in Kenya as of last Friday.

Is that possible?!

The last two weeks have been an overload, like a paper jam.  And too many thoughts and experiences all at once make reflecting, and blogging, just a little difficult.

I am realizing that when you travel for a short period of time everything is exciting and new.  You don’t stop to let the inconveniences phase you because you know they are only temporary.  Somehow, when you know you are going to be in a new place for a year everything takes its toll.

I took for grated how long it would take to adjust; to feel like I could call this place “home.”  But I’m making my way in that direction, coming out of the black hole and into the Kenya sunshine, albeit pole pole.

And it is beautiful.

Oh, by the way… home looks like this!


This past Saturday was spent with friends celebrating my roommate’s birthday.  I am slowly (pole pole) learning that when you are invited to visit a Kenyan friend’s home you ought to block out your whole afternoon (or evening or overnight), because that’s how long they expect you to stay with them.  Just another bit of Kenyan culture that rubs my American sensibilities the wrong way, but when I get over myself long enough to think about it, it’s really a beautiful way to look at hospitality!

(Yes, there were party hats.  Yes, this was a 25th birthday party!)

Even though we were celebrating Jenn’s birthday with a “surprise” (she claimed to be 80% surprised… I think 20% was probably more like it.  Our stealth could use some work), all attention was (naturally) on the baby.  Esther’s son Kwame has quite possibly one of the cutest smiles I have seen on a child – ever.  He was hilarious and entertained us for hours with his funny dance moves and limitless energy.

Everyone knows I am a sucker for a cute kid.  I couldn’t help but share!

And last but not least… “Boy, I am (really really really) looking forward to…”

MALINDI this weekend!  And the beaches and real pizza and clear water and clean air that comes with it.

SPF 75, here I come.