Tonight on my late night run to Nakumatt at Westgate Shopping Center, I came across something slightly…err… very disturbing.

So much so that I had to take a picture of my purchase.

Right in the middle of the dairy section.

November 7th, 2010.

That, apparently, is when this little carton of milk will expire.  I would like to just take a moment to point out that today is February 20.  That’s almost 9 months of shelf life, kids.

Something to do with “ultra-high temperature processing” kills everything in the milk that would cause it to expire within the same period of time it takes for a child to develop.

But I’m skeptical.  Especially since the instructions also point out that refrigeration is only necessary after the carton has been opened.

Can anyone relieve my fears?

Long life?  No kidding.

On the upside, I bought 5 mangoes for a dollar today.  Oh, the joys of Kenya!