When my roommate brought raw sugar cane back from her trip up country last week, I was a little confused about what to do with it.  Is it a weapon?  Is it decoration?  Oh, you eat it?  OK – how?  Naturally, I googled.

Google “how to eat raw sugar care” and you will get dozens of hits.  Step-by-step directions.  Photo how-tos.  Even instructional videos.

eHow. com gave me this  little routine to follow:

1. Select a freshly-cut stalk of raw sugar cane and cut pieces to seven or eight inches for easy handling.

2. Wash sugar cane with warm water, freeing all debris from the cane.

3. Start chewing the sugar cane, being careful not to swallow the stalk, while extracting all of its sweet juices.

4. Discard chewed sugar cane stalk into trash.

5. Enjoy the raw cane’s sweet juices by adding a little lemon juice and some ice for a refreshing cool summer drink. Increase the lemon juice for larger amounts of sugar cane juices.

So sow tough can it be, right?

TOUGH!  (Pun intended.)  Somehow… shockingly… my attempt was just a little less civilized that ehow.com recommended.

But not quite as hard core as this guy: