A selection of the better (or worse) reasons I have heard to explain the phenomenon known as Africa Time.

3. American’s have the watch, Kenyans have the time. I think this is supposed to mean that no matter when you show up, if you are Kenyan, you’re not late.  Unfortunately  – I can’t argue this point when I don’t speak the language.

2. Long ago, before the watches, Kenyans knew the time by looking at the sun.  There were no hours or minutes.  We have not stopped looking at the sun. Now, this was told to me by an older gentleman at a rural community gathering.  That started 3 hours late.  This sort of apology may have been for my benefit, but then he proceeded look directly at me  and give me a lecture on patience and waiting:

1. If you bake a stone long enough, it will cook. Huh?  I wanted to say, in America, if you back a stone long enough it will grow legs and walk out of the room because you made it wait to long for dinner.  But that’s America.  And I’m in Kenya.  And here, stones and muzungus both bake really well in the sun.