IJM training week was a bit like being asked to drink from an ever-flowing spring of water every single day, for six days.  At some point, you really wonder “am I going to be able to absorb all of this?!”

We started the week with a day-long session on the broad ideas of justice, focusing on the spiritual foundations for the work of justice, with Gary Haugen, IJM’s founder.  We finished off our training with more specific sessions, like how to care for our whole selves while in the field.  I am grateful for every bit as I can already see how it will be so important and foundational to the work we will be doing overseas.  I’m unable to sum the week up in one sentence, so here are four for you to mull over:

God is passionate about justice.

It is a huge category of need in the world.

His people are his plan for seeing justice realized on earth.

This work is doable.

That’s it.  It’s written all over scripture, from the Old Testament to the New and if we love the things God loves, we will be looking for ways to seek justice I our world too.

What is also true, though, is that we hold no monopoly over this work.  At IJM, our mission most specifically is to “protect people from violent forces of injustice by securing rescue and restoration for victims and ensuring that public justice systems work for the poor.”  As Christians we do this work because we believe that God hears and cares for the poor and oppressed.  We believe he uses us – empowers us – to be agents for change in this world.  But the work of justice can be done by many, and I encourage you today to look with new eyes at the world around you.